Sunday, January 11, 2015

Chronic Challenge

I can't blog because this weekend is devoted to autoimmune repair. I will be resting, drinking litres of water, preparing bland but nourishing food to soothe my innards, and generally grumbling around feeling sorry for myself. And no, I refuse to blog about these conditions! I prefer to convert them into bizarre alien viruses in my future SF novels.

I'll tell you who does have an excellent blog about chronic disease; Madelon Smid. I was among the many sufferers of chronic illness she interviewed to research her online book, Chronic Challenge: Living Well With A Chronic Disease. Our secret identities have been concealed with code names. To be honest, I'm not sure I have correctly identified myself in the book. Our histories are so remarkably similar. You can read the book on Madelon's blog.

Update: Chronic Challenge: Living Well With A Chronic Disease is now available as an eBook available from Amazon. The Chronic Illness blog is no longer active.

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