Thursday, June 21, 2012

Miracle Dogs

I had to stop blogging for a year or so in order to write Miracle Dogs, the sequel to The Prairie Dogs and City Dogs. It was released October 2012. And this time the illustrator was yours truly.

Pierre, the former agility dog champion, and his companions Dare, Mouse and Mew, finally have the life they've always longed for; a comfortable home, a human they can trust, and a lively pair of puppies who keep them on their toes. Stardom will surely be theirs as well as they prepare to perform a canine clown act at the world-famous Telemiracle.

But Pierre is worried; what will become of his troublesome puppies when they're old enough to leave home? After meeting a group of Assistance Dogs, he decides to secure his children's future by training them for this prestigious career. His plans are sabotaged by his outrageously misbehaving companions, a band of feral cats who have a score to settle with Dare, and a freak accident on the Telemiracle stage. If the Prairie Dogs ever want to see the puppies again, they will have to brave the perils of the winter prairie to perform a desperate rescue mission. It will take a miracle just to get everyone home in one piece!

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