Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fiction Addiction

Sorry, can't blog, too many books to read. I'm on the last chapter of Tom Sawyer Abroad, and then I want to get back to The Empire Striketh Back, and then I need to buckle down and get through the research material for my current writing projects.

Occasionally I will introduce myself as a writer at a social gathering and the person I’m talking to will respond, with a guilty sigh, “I should read more.”

If they're lucky, I will not be swallowing a drink at the moment and spew it all over them as I laugh hysterically. It’s like hearing someone say “I should breathe more.” I want to ask, “How do you stop yourself from reading?” For writers, reading is an addiction that must be controlled if we are to experience any sort of real life at all. We learn to multitask, to sneak a few pages here and there while we eat, wait for a ride, or get ready for bed, just to keep us going.

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