Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beware the Writer

Today I can't blog because I'm too busy spying on people. Beware the writer. She watches, and she listens as she hovers quietly on the edge of your world. She steal little bits of your life and never thanks you for it. Abuse her today and tomorrow you will find yourself the villain of her latest novel.

Years ago I took a writing class from Gail Bowen. One of our assignments was to find a place to practice our people watching and eavesdropping skills. I chose the airport, thinking I would pick up some good travel stories. Unfortunately back then the Regina airport was absolutely dead at 3pm. I wandered through the empty airport for an hour looking for people to spy on, all the while stalked by a suspicious security guard.

Other promising locations to eavesdrop on conversations: restaurants, school, public transport, malls, family reunions, public restrooms. Other suggestions are welcome!

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